The Soluzioni Team

Our commitment to you is to act with the professionalism and integrity that characterize the companies we represent, doing our job well and seeing you satisfied fulfill our purpose, makes us happy and gratified of what we do.

Roberto Fabbri

Alberto Fantin
Executive Director

Francesco Fantin
Business Development

Our Story

“Why Soluzioni? Why did we decide to focus on a website dedicated to Italian architectural products and solutions? What makes Soluzioni stand out from the numerous other companies promoting architectural products? These were the fundamental questions we asked ourselves before giving life to Soluzioni. We were aware that Italian architectural products already had a global reputation, so we sought to explore the value we could bring to the table.

The name “Soluzioni,” derived from the Italian word for “Solutions,” reflects our mission and serves as our guiding mantra. We firmly believe that there is a solution to every challenging situation and that every problem can be overcome with a fresh perspective. This philosophy fuels our creativity and drives us to make the best use of our skills.

Alberto and I, the founders of Soluzioni, have been close friends since the early 80s. While I pursued my career and life in Asia, Alberto returned to Italy and ventured into several enterprises. For years, he led a company manufacturing accessories for windows and facades. During this time, I observed the significant construction activity in major Asian cities and witnessed people’s aspirations to own a well-designed, comfortable home where they could find tranquility. However, I also noticed that these aspirations were often unfulfilled due to subpar construction and materials, causing anxiety among homeowners.

This disconnect between people’s expectations for their living and working spaces and the reality they encountered was glaring. The lack of harmony in the objects surrounding us and defining the spaces we occupy contributed to this divide.

Our primary mission became identifying Italian manufacturers who possessed an exceptional passion for their products. We sought products that went beyond superficial glamour, appreciating those created by individuals who displayed skill, passion, relevance, and, above all, the ability to bring happiness to their users.

Having diligently selected a few outstanding manufacturers, our next step was to evaluate them based on their experience in serving international clientele, the quality of their service, and their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Today, Soluzioni proudly represents manufacturers who excel in their craft and are deeply committed to ensuring their customers’ contentment. Moreover, our team includes individuals with extensive experience in Asia, well-acquainted with the market, products, and solutions we offer. Partnering with Soluzioni assures developers, architects, interior designers, distributors, and importers of exceptional products to elevate the quality of their projects, delight their customers, and, most importantly, be acknowledged as truly dedicated to creating harmonious spaces through the use of well-designed and well-manufactured products.

Roberto Fabbri

Soluzioni Co-Founder & Director