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PLASTEX SA is a Swiss manufacturer focused on transforming thermoplastic raw materials by extrusion, co-extrusion and injection molding technology. Their specificity allows for architecturally innovative, functional and integrated solutions in your solar shading systems or for your blinds


In most homes and commercial premises the building envelope is the main source of energy loss or gain. Among its various components, windows are a static element, while weather conditions vary continuously. Yet everybody hopes (and expects) to be comfortable indoors all the time. Dynamic shading is one of the essential answers to this dilemma.

AVIASTA® is a new standard designed to fasten technical fabrics to the motor tube of a wide range of awnings and zipscreens.
Today the market offer many products and ways to fasten the fabric to the tube; most of these are by insertion from one side of the tube resulting in long installation process. Aviasta® is the easy, safe and stable solution that guarantees the installation and disassembly of the fabric with extreme simplicity, bottom-up and without having to disassemble the system.

In the production departments AVIASTA® is easily installed with the appropriate wheel, but it is well suited to automation for high productivity assemblies, in case Plastex will be happy to support your needs.

On the construction site AVIASTA® allows the fitter to operate easily even from below, drastically reducing replacement times.

ClipZip® a unique and innovative solution for zip screen shades systems.
Plastex’s ClipZip® system was born to improve the technical functionality of zip screen and solar protection shade systems, not only for designers but also for installers. It indeed offers a unique combination of tools that improves the efficiency of the installation team, and the result is clear: better productivity.

This exclusive system of dampening springs can avoid fabric bagging thanks to a versatile load adjustment. It keeps always well in tension your screen giving a very good-looking aesthetic to the whole system. It is also suitable even for extreme weather conditions.
Tech&Stretch: The Revolutionary system of dampening springs guarantees a perfect tension and long life to your technical zip roller blinds.

Our smart side guide rail for zipscreen systems.
A smart active side guide rail for Zipscreen, based on contrasted pushing springs, completes the ClipZip® system. When flush to the wall installation is needed 7second® (Seven Second) is the answer, with no screw at sight.

You get a quick and easier installation and maintenance process. Patented system and new materials keep blinds in perfect tension for more than half million cycles.